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Urban furnishing Vila Real

Últimos proyectos

Vila-real's Mayor José Benlloch has presented, together with the Public Services Counsellor Francisco Valverde, the Dominicas garden improvement and remodelling. Such works have respected the "Madres Dominicas" convent's orchard essence from the beginning, where design and innovative elements have been placed there like ceramic benches manufactured by Natucer.

The garden is located opposite the Knowledge University Library, the University Jaume I headquarters, which holds the Ceramics Vila-real City Innovation Lectureship. For that particular reason, it was so important, and interesting at the same time, to turn this garden into an icon and an open public shop window to demonstrate the manifold possibilities ceramics offer in different urban areas.  Hence, the benches in Dominicas garden will be added to the ones already installed in San Pascual and to the Mayorazga's structure in a bigger bet on the use of the most innovative ceramics in urban spaces.

You can read the full story of the project above in the following website vila-real.es

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