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San Pascual Park

Últimos proyectos

San Pascual garden has introduced since this morning the first ceramic benches with which Vila-real city becomes pioneer in introducing the ceramics into its urban furnishing. The Public Services Counsellor Francisco Valverde together with Carmina Rubert, Natucer's Representative, has presented these new ceramic benches today. The above mentioned Town Hall's department, has presented for the first time in a urban space the introduction of this material characterized for being "innovative, flexible and adaptable to different ambients and, above all, much more economical in terms of maintenance".

The benches installation is part of the Public Services Department policy which claims necessary to "introduce the ceramics to the different urban spaces, as we did with the 'Trans/hitos' in 'La Mayorazga' ". Such figure, which was the central piece in the last Cevisama Show, is a work of art made by Natucer, positioning the company as the author of its materials which have been displayed in Vila-real for the first time "with the idea that they can pose as an example to other surrounding cities of the benefits of introducing ceramics in urban areas".

In this specific case, there have been placed six ceramic cobalt blue and white benches in San Pascual Park blending themselves with the surroundings, the old ceramic colours and the shed tools which had already been placed there for years. After this first stage, 16 more benches are intended to be placed in different colour ranges in the Dominicas garden. With this initiative, both measures will be regarded as a test to keep extending the urban furnishing with this "our own material" to different urban areas in the town depending on the results.

You can read the full story of the project in the following website vila-real.es


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