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The King Center

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The King Center, is a space located in Atlanta, USA that aims to ensure that the legacy of Martin Luther King, not only remains relevant and viable, but also take advantage of effectively to achieve a positive social impact. In The King Center, you can visit the Civil Rights Walk of Fame, next to the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, the International Garden of the Roses of World Peace, as well as the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church. In addition to being able to visit the remodelada the crypt of Mr. and Mrs. King that is surrounded by a swimming pool through which you reach the Freedom Hall.

For the remodeling of Martin Luther King's mausoleum, Natucer collaborated in the project by providing the most suitable material for the pool surrounding the crypt. For this, the Mare Nostrum Series has been used, with Messina color, creating a space of peace and tranquility.

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