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Vila Real Public Library

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The rectangular plot with its long side facing northeast, consists of 4685sqm. It is located between an important road access to Vila-real and a school and it also has a pre-existing underground parking area with its way outs and ventilation. The proposal presents a simple perspective including ground floor and first floor which integrates those levels. It adapts itself to the pre-existing structure, offers a public space in the school and urban alignment is defined alongside the avenue.

A Mediterranean Culture reinterpretation in high Technology from Vila-real in the ceramic world was made. So the landmark product in Vila-real, ceramics, will be the protagonist in this project. The facade is built, with the contribution of Butech and built by Natucer, as a unique ceramic curtain, innovative and, at the same time, linked to the deep-rooted tradition of the typical Mediterranean wooden curtains which existed in many towns alongside the Mediterranean coast. This design offers pleasant filters to prevent users from the sun beams in in-between spaces with a huge thermal and light quality.

The prestressed steel bars are covered by ceramic grains, 52 mm diameter, 1m height, 12 cm between centres. The system is fixed with two angles of 90 mm at the edges and a rail was ready to fix each 3 m tube. The in-between space is a thermal ventilation filter as well as an acoustic and visual absorber. The opaque parts of the facade are covered with metal sheets which have a small wave related to the curtain grain. The interior is covered by dividing clay bricks. The ceramic is also part of the building in the floor through the use of ceramic pieces which are meshed and embedded in the mosaic Mediterranean culture.

The library becomes a dynamic and innovative cultral icon in society and Vila-real's ceramic sector as a result of the installed systems, specially through the use of ceramics.

EL PERIÓDICO MEDITERRÁNEO VILA-REAL. Jan. 2011 "The building positions Vila-real into the world's architectural map". (28.01.11)

LA INFORMACION.COM. Local Library in Vila Real (Castellon) will represent Sapin in the VIII Biennial Iberoamerican of Architecture. (Abr, 2012)                                                                                                                              

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