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Swing Cafe Restaurant

Últimos proyectos

In Seoul city, the Swing Café Restaurant opens its doors to the public, a pleasant space where to enjoy the culinary treats in an exclusive scenario. Glass, stone and wood are the responsibles for covering the walls of the establishment; while the wood look, which the series Retro from Natucer provides, is the main attraction in its floor tiles.

In a lively ambient full of textures, mosaics and patterns, Natucer floor tiles ease the room's harmony, making the Swing Café an attractive atmosphere. The light prevails in the atmosphere, it enhances the different elements as our floor tile colour which perfectly fits into the hanging beams, the wooden walls or the stone in the counter.

It has been able to perform this project thanks to our customer Selim, which has been the responsible for the delivery of our materials, making the restaurant a simply spectacular site worth visiting.

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