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Yoepz Kip Kreeft Restaurant

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Yoepz Kip Kreeft is a restaurant where customers can either eat chicken or lobster.

The project of the interior design is a Catelijn Ootemans de Cabana work which has turned it into an elegant combination of Mediterranean and industrial elements.

The restaurant, apart from the establishment located in Utrecht, opens a new one in Amsterdam, in the historical building on Cornelio Troostplein and Fernando Bolstraat corner.

The materials used in its renovation have been supplied by Natucer. According to the latest ornamental tendencies, they opted for the tile-clad laying and a bar with the series Cotswold wall tiles with format 7x15 and 7x30 with brithness surfaces. The bright finishes perfectly fit into the decorative elements with some hints of industrial style and the design furniture choice showed in the establishment.


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