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Praktik Hotel

Últimos proyectos

Praktik Bakery Hotel in the heart of Barcelona city is unique: there is a bakery inside where the guests are provided with freshly-baked bread and pastries and perfume the hotel with its evoking smell.

The hotel is located in a traditional building in Provença street; the same one where La Pedrera lies, one of the most representative buildings that Gaudí designed, considered a real architectural jewel. Its interiors convey an industrial style thanks to the elements belonging to the old XIX century Barcelona.

The project, which was customized and designed by Lázaro Rosa-Violán studio, leads to clean and essential lines in its rooms thanks to Natucer's product (Cotswold, 7.5x30 format) supplied by our customer Comercial Ceramista Gaya in Barcelona. It keeps the rooms aesthetics which consist of a black and white range of colours, achieving unique bath spaces.

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